Interserve Healthcare Annual Quality Report

Changing lives: A vision based on needs and outcomes



Interserve Healthcare’s Annual Quality Report highlights the achievements and improvements made by the national service, which delivered over 1.7 million hours of care in 2017.

The report covers Clinical Effectiveness; Assurance and Quality; Health & Safety; Clinical Governance and safeguarding clients.

Andy Cook, Interserve Healthcare’s chief nurse, said: “Our quality report demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest standards of care to the people who receive our services. We also believe it is important to be transparent about the outcomes of the systems we have.

“The Interserve Healthcare Quality Report 2017 provides information about our values, culture and operations. It includes details about our Clinical Governance Framework, the results of our Safety Culture Survey, KPI Dashboard and our commitment to health, safety and safeguarding.”

The report features Ben Uttley, one of several hundreds of clients who receive round-the-clock care for their complex needs, by Interserve Healthcare’s dedicated team of nurses and care staff. Read his story here

Interserve Healthcare services empower clients like Ben to live fulfilling lives and achieve life goals, as well as providing peace of mind for their families with whom Interserve co-design care for their loved one.

Managing Director Ian Mulholland said: “None of our work would be possible without the care and commitment of our people – from care staff working in people’s homes to our head office teams. We really appreciate the commitment, effort and pride our staff take in delivering quality care.

“In 2017, we continued to work hard to promote a culture of compassionate care and to provide staff with the training they need. We know how challenging some home care environments can be and we never underestimate the dedication that people show in providing a great service.”

He added: “What our clients tell us is really important to us. We plan to focus on gaining more feedback and listening even more carefully so that we can meet their needs. We believe passionately that this is only possible through a continual focus on quality and safety – this remains a promise to our clients, customers, staff and shareholders.”

Building on the strengths and achievements in 2017, within this current year, Interserve Healthcare focus will include:

Develop new models of care to meet new opportunities including broadening its clinical capability to deliver more services and new services and increase the use of technology to improve outcomes for clients.

Improve branch nurse retention and review the role of the registered nurses who work in Interserve Healthcare’s branch network to make sure it is a diverse and fulfilling role.

Continue to focus on clients through increased contact with our branch staff, particularly Interserve’s registered nurses and further develop its engagement capability to find new ways of talking to clients and hearing what they think about their care.